Services We Provide

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Ingredients Translation

Translating all list of ingredients and nutritional information texts of the products to a language at your requirements and needs.



Self-adhesive labels, thermal labels (blank or printed), barcoded labels - designed for use on your specific products - variety of sizes & colors suitable for a variety of uses. We label the products according to your country and law specifications.


Inkjet printing

Printing serial numbers, expiration dates, or batch/lot codes on both absorbent and nonabsorbent surfaces, printing single and multi-line prints, and printing with or without text-plates according to customer needs.



In order to adapt products to meet specific market requirements or promotional packaging needs, we offer palletizing as an important component of materials handling and logistics strategy.


Consolidation services

We are committed to helping our customers with cost-effective strategies for meeting their transportation needs, supporting long-term partnerships and reaching volume price reductions so that you can deliver high quality services to your customers.